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Structural Insulated Panel (SIP): A product that fuses a foam core between two outer skins of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) to create a super-strong construction panel. The SIPs are used to construct the walls, floor and roof for superior insulation. The SIP’s foam core provides higher insulation values than many other insulation materials used in traditional wall construction. Because SIPs have fewer gaps and the studs do not interrupt the insulation they have proven to be a far superior product than traditional walls, whilst also acting as a better barrier to external noise.


We provide bi-fold aluminium powder coated doors that give high performance durability in all weathers. They are compatible with a range of furniture and locking mechanisms and accommodate many styles and opening options:

  • Single or dual colour finishes
  • Slide right or left in opening
  • Security locking on main doors and intermediate styles

In addition the doors are internally beaded for additional security, comply with all relevant British and European safety standards and are virtually maintenance-free.

The doors are made by the trusted manufacturer and supplier Smart Architectural Aluminium, one of the UK’s leading providers of aluminium systems with 30 years of expertise behind it.

For more information on doors from Smart please visit


Due to demand from our ever growing population and changing rain fall patterns, mains water is becoming a  precious resource. That is why in order to help conserve water and minimise impact on the environment many people are turning to rain harvesting.

There’s no need for rainwater to simply go down the drain. Rainwater collected and saved from your building’s roof can be utilised in a number of useful ways: such as cleaning windows, washing up, watering plants and even flushing toilets.

We can provide systems that encompass the complete rainwater harvesting solution: storing rainwater collected from the roof in tanks with the option of pumping it in the building for flushing toilets.


Even the UK has enough sun from which to generate solar power. Fitting solar photovoltaic panels can help cut your fuel bills as well as helping to reduce the effects of global warming.

Generate savings and revenue: Thanksto the Government’s Feed in Tariffs (FITs) you can get paid for every kWh your Solar PV system generates, which you are free to use.  Plus any electricity you don’t use gets exported to the National Grid and if eligible, FITs are paid.

 The panels can be connected to most types of hot water systems, including combi boilers and need very little maintenance.

For information on harnessing the power of the sun visit


Options for the walls and ceiling of The Qube include a 12.5mm plasterboard with skim finish or  ceiling tiles composed of the Tegular Dune 600 x 600 suspended grid system.

The system provides excellent sound absorption and heat retention properties along with a wipeable finish, making it suitable for kitchens, offices and other commercial spaces.


Rubberised EPDM roofing is proven to offer the best performance in any climate, withstanding extreme weather conditions whilst also reducing environmental impact.

“Black and white EPDM performed better than many other single-ply and bitumen-based membrane materials in key categories such as global warming, acidification and smog generation” [Source:  A 2010 Life Cycle Inventory and Assessment study (LCA), ATHENA® Institute]

Studies also indicate that the lifespan of EPDM roofs could exceed 40 years.

The single ply EPDM membrane is available in a variety of colours. For more information please visit

Living ‘Sedum’ roof: Another option is an attractive living roof made from sedum, which offers a host of environmental benefits:
·         Alleviates flooding by allowing rainwater to slowly drain away
·         Excellent thermal properties to help save energy 
·         Absorbs sound in noisy areas 
·         Helps create a habitat for biodiversity of insect, bird and plant life


We provide aluminium windows, powder coated in a choice of RAL colours, with high security sash profiles and internal glazing.

For optimal durability and quality of finish we use the trusted manufacturer and supplier Smart Architectural Aluminium which over the past 30 years grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of aluminium systems. Smart's window systems offer excellent weather performance ratings and comply with all applicable British and European safety standards.

Its range of windows are compatible with a range of locking mechanisms and accessories. To create a sleek finish for controlling daylight flooding into the space you may wish to opt for blinds that fit flush within the glazing.

For more information on windows from Smart please visit


Western red cedar makes an attractive eco-smart material for cladding the Qube buildings that blends in perfectly with any rural or urban setting. The wood secretes a natural oil that helps preserve its beauty and in turn avoids the need for toxic chemical preservatives. It is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage. In fact, its even grain and relatively consistent density makes it less likely to swell, warp, cup, and twist than other soft and hardwoods.

Other options available are: Trespa panelling, brick slips and render.


Pre-manufactured concrete pads with adjustable screw-jack supports in various  locations across the foundations, designed to allow for variances in levels from 15 - 630mm.Above there is a timber ring beam that is pressure treated with a preservative for long lasting protection.


Installing roof and ceiling light-reflecting tubes is a great way of flooding your room with natural daylight as well as helping to conserve energy.

We offer the option of high quality, durable thermoformed Em-Dome modular roof lights from the industry specialist Whitesales.  Manufactured  from polycarbonate they have an  impact strength that is up to 250 times greater than glass.

A key feature of this rooflight is its patented high security screwbolt, supplied factory fitted as standard. Once installed, the fixing cannot be removed using common tools, therefore provides a high level of resistance to tampering or forced entry.

The rooflights are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and glazing options to suit virtually any requirement.

For more information on the range please visit


Create the right ambience with the right choice of lighting:

Aurora compact fluorescent downlights fitted with aluminium reflectors for long life, high efficiency and reduced running costs. Suitable for retail, offices and showroom environments.

Or for more domestic  type settings, we offer the option of low voltage lighting – ideal for illuminating the space with a softer, more relaxing light.


To suit the demands of commercial interiors, we offer the brand Furbo – from a world class manufacturer of beautifully designed highly resilient flooring.   

Forbo Project Vinyl: offers the choice of a variety of stone, wood or abstract finishes designed for any use including general purpose and high intensity and any need, from acoustic to uncompromising luxury.

Forbo Westbond carpet tiles: for warmth and comfort. Made using state-of-the art fusion bonding, this is an extremely dense and luxurious tile product that is available in many colourways.

For more information on the ranges please visit


Create a comfortable environment that is temperature controlled to your precise needs.

We offer the option of Vaillant ClimaVAIR climate control.  Featuring user-friendly fully programmable air conditioning and heating you can ensure that the temperature throughout the Qube is exactly how you want it.

A revolutionary force in boiler technology for over 130 years, Vaillant has a reputation for setting the standards in reliability, performance and energy efficiency savings.

For more information on Vaillant’s products please visit


To complement the clean lines of The Qube’s exterior we offer sleek highly crafted kitchens from the Greenwich white smooth range provided by Howdens Joinery.

Howdens Joinery is a trusted British based ecologically aware company which supplies over 400,000 inspirational kitchens each year to UK homes.

The Greenwich smooth white range is available in a choice of door finishes, worktops and handles. For more information please visit


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